Friday, February 10, 2012

Everything From a Touch of Wisconsin to Making Skis; It’s Been a Busy Month

My Fantabulous Mustache
It’s been quite the crazy month. Looking back on it just makes me smile. Most notably I was blessed to have my best bud finally make it out to Utah for a visit and some good ole mountain schralping. Joey and his awesome wife Nicole came out and just in time to celebrate and enjoy some time on the mountain. Even though they didn’t heed my advice on when to schedule the trip and happened to come a week early and miss the 50” of snow we got, we still had an awesome time. Joey and I always just pick up where we last left off regardless if it’s been a day to a year. I really enjoyed having them out here and doing my best to convince them to move out west, especially since Joey is quite the strong rider and would be an awesome partner for skiing/riding. One of the fun moments was the last second birthday party at the Tavernacle piano bar. So since it was my thirtieth birthday, I had decided it was time to have a Dirty Thirty Mustache Party, and oh my, did I cut a good one!! I convinced Joey to do the same, but he unfortunately didn’t have as much cultivation time as me.

Joey and I doing our versions of bringing sexy back
So everyone of course bought a birthday song for me, “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake. I was so red in the face, but after being put in the spotlight and feeling awkward, I had a “Will Ferrell-esque” blackout like in “Old School” and completely rocked the house without knowing or remembering what I was doing. Unfortunately for me, since I was doing a good job and getting random tips from women in the crowd, the pianist kept playing and playing and playing. Quite frankly, good times.

After the awesome weekend with people that are truly family ended, the Wasatch Front was finally blessed with a magnitude of snow. We had four straight days of snow totally 50”.  January 22nd brought 22” inches of goodness, and I didn’t let any of it go to waste. The video of that adventure is down below right before the pics.

The destroyed prototype ski
Now following that awesome storm I head out to Denver for a little bit of ski building, ski prototyping, SIA (Snowsports Industry Association) Trade Show time, and good times. It was quite the power weekend. I finally got to meet my ski sponsor in person and we did quite a bit of work. While I was laying up my edges and bases, I filmed Dave doing a layup of a custom ski. We also designed my topsheets to incorporate the Snowbasin Sun, and they turned out absolutely sick. I got to see the Grace Skis process and experience the principles first hand, even when I completely destroyed a pair of prototype skis that weren’t laid up using our primary process and we posted the pics on Facebook.  Being brutally honest is all part of it.

I also got to catch up with an old friend from the high schools days in Madison while in Denver, Tayler Cabalka. It was really interesting to see how she’s grown and become more comfortable in her own skin not having seen her for 11 or 12 years.  Plus she was a gracious host providing a place to crash.  I've been so blessed this past month and I'm really loving life right now.  The only thing needed now is more snow.

Oh and I finally got my car delivered a MONTH after buying it.  Yeah let's not talk about that one, still kind of sensitive......but the car is amazing.

The video proof of the storm

Joey and Nicole


Sending Joey off at the airport

My Skis

Dave Laying Up Custom Skis

The Pre-Destroyed Prototype Skis

My Chariot

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